Special Building Engenering company

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Волгаспецстрой - реконструкция и капитальный ремонт Building - the assembly group of companies "
Special Building Engineering Ltd. "
carries out all complex is repair - building, installation works. One of the basic directions of activity the companies is capital construction industrial and public buildings.
Системы пожаротушения , электролаборатория The construction company of "
Special Building Engineering Ltd.
" has in the active of the high quality certified experts, industrial shop of manufacturing of metalworks, laboratory of repair of blocks of the process equipment. Own material resources-warehouse. A special equipment and the equipment for performance of works of any complexity
Технологическе линии Presence of solid industrial base, transport, gears, systems of warehouses allows to compete successfully to the similar building organizations at the price of, to terms and quality of carried out works.
Our project team Projectiong Projecting with Special Building Engineering Ltd.

Projecting with Special Building Engineering Ltd.

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At present, mission of improving quality of planning, architecture and construction design, reduction in value of buildings and units, as well as dwellings, reduction of investment into one unit of activated power.

Projecting with Vektor-Project

Designing of residential, industrial, public and other units

Solution of these aims is possible only under high quality of all design projects. Construction designing and solution of complicated tasks of designing is impossible today without CAE systems, data manager and data management system, check unit of technology. Functionality of such systems is widening. One of most important factors, defining successful solution of design tasks, is usage of corresponding strategy, which helps to follow up on cause-effect relations, to use wide knowledge, generate and store new one.

Realization of modern demands of time and cost reduction of designing, second usage of collected information when projecting new buildings and units, supply of necessary infotainment of project within the entire life cycle is impossible without using special methods of designing.

Such methods must take into account, that at different life cycles various knowledge of the project is needed, and most important is keeping data integrity(for example, at keeping cause-effect relations). This site is made to expose diversity of technologies of construction designing, to show examples of possible projects, analysis of fulfillment building projects.

Our project company suggests a full range of project service:

  • systems ventilation and conditioning;

  • internal and external systems of water pipes and sewers ;

  • heating of residential and production buildings;

  • natural gas industry of enterprises and houses;

  • power supply of enterprise and residential area;

  • systems of fire fighting and fire-control warning ;

  • hydraulic engineering and coast-protecting systems;

  • service topomapping ;

  • Engineering of design-projects .

Our specialists will make technical advice, individual project design, choose best type of equipment and materials, meeting your demands and wishes, in accordance with today`s legislation.

Specialists of our company develop project documentation in the following topics:

  • ОВ – heating and ventilation of industrial, residential and public buildings including central air conditioning systems.

  • sanitation (water pipes and sewerage). Designing of internal and external water supply. Designing of internal and external sewerage.

  • designing of any heat networks taking into account peculiarities of layer, layout of consumers and companies.

  • heat mechanic. Designing of individual heat points, boilers for industrial, residential and public buildings.

  • metal structure. Design of metal structures for manufacture and assembling in construction.

  • designing of external power supply.

  • designing of electric light

  • ЭМ – internal electric equipment.
    • We design natural gas supply systems of high, medium and low pressure for companies and houses.
    • water engineering. Design of drainage, gabion structure, slope consolidation with gabion structures, consolidation of channels and reinforcement of river banks and pools.
    • Water fire fighting. Design of fire fighting system. Design and selection of drench, sprinkler systems for anti-fire campaigns in public, residential and industrial buildings.
    • fire fighting warning.

Design of residential and public buildings, selection of materials, equipment depending on technology and style.

Due to popular private construction, our specialists are glad to offer you service of cottage design. Cottage design includes technical documentation – drawings and each floor layout.

Cottage design is being developed considering engineer services – power supply, water supply and sewerage. We will design the house of your dream being in constant contact with customer and aimed at meeting all demands.


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