Special Building Engenering company

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Волгаспецстрой - реконструкция и капитальный ремонт Building - the assembly group of companies "
Special Building Engineering Ltd. "
carries out all complex is repair - building, installation works. One of the basic directions of activity the companies is capital construction industrial and public buildings.
Системы пожаротушения , электролаборатория The construction company of "
Special Building Engineering Ltd.
" has in the active of the high quality certified experts, industrial shop of manufacturing of metalworks, laboratory of repair of blocks of the process equipment. Own material resources-warehouse. A special equipment and the equipment for performance of works of any complexity
Технологическе линии Presence of solid industrial base, transport, gears, systems of warehouses allows to compete successfully to the similar building organizations at the price of, to terms and quality of carried out works.
Group of construction companies

Building company Special Building Engineering Ltd.

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Special Building Engineering Ltd.  is an independent company more than 15 years. When the company was established, it hired specialists from SpecServise , that had rich building and reconstruction experience on the largest enterprises in the Volga region.
The activities of construction company "Special Building Engineering Ltd. " is performed on the basis of:
- Evidence of admission to the works that have an impact on the safety of capital construction. Registration record : SRO-C-027-12082011 from 10.05.2011 year. Roster number entries in the registry of the Partnership SHS 00 169, which allows complex operations on the territory of Russia:
Construction of buildings and structures I-II level of responsibility,
Installation of steel structures and special structures interdisciplinary management,
Installation of process equipment and commissioning
Installation of external networks and internal engineering systems.
Construction of residential and industrial buildings, commercial office buildings.
Industrial floors.
Coast stabilization and reconstruction of hydraulic structures.
Warehouses, storage facilities.
Heating, plumbing and sewage systems.
Electrical work, Electrical Laboratory.
Installation of process equipment.
Production and installation of ventilation and ventoborudovaniya blanks.
Production of metal processing lines, metal, plasma cutting, metal from 0.5 to 10 mm.

On the territory of its own production base with an area of ​​1.5 hectares, are located a set of modern equipment for the manufacture of metal construction and non-standard equipment, technology for the installation of technological equipment and conduct pre-commissioning, complete assembly of mechanisms, tools and welding equipment, industrial plant manufacturing metal . Construction company "Vector" is equipped with high quality certified experts. Using new technologies and materials in construction, complete logistics cycle of construction works, enables the company to perform work of any complexity and successfully compete with the likes of construction companies for the price, terms and quality of work.
We hope for mutually advantageous cooperation!

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