Special Building Engenering company

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Технологические линии Start of technological lines and the equipment, and also installation and commissioning of machine tools with numerical program management, a supply of energy carriers and manufacturing of the bases under technological lines - all this Special Building Engineering Ltd! Пожаротушение We also make and we deliver systems of a fire extinguishing, we organize reliable work of installations of a fire extinguishing, an intruder alarm, systems of the notification and also we spend works on fire materials, products and designs. Электролаборатория Own electrolaboratory allows to spend trials of grounding devices, an electric equipment, power cable lines, secondary circuits and an electrical wiring a pressure up to 1 KV.


Installation works

Electric installation work

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Special Building Engineering Ltd. - Electric work

"Vektor" company fulfills projecting, electric installation and low-power works in living, public and industrial units.

Projecting works:

  1. technical conditions acquirement ;
  2. projecting of outer electric supply;
  3. projecting of lighting and inner electrical equipment;
  4. project confirmation with retail supplier department
  5. project confirmation with energy supervision department;
  6. acquirement of permission for energy usage for thermal purpose ;
  7. field supervision.

Electric installation work:

  1. electrical mounting of light and inner electrical equipment;
  2. commissioning;
  3. disassembling;
  4. building maintenance, assembly of electricity supply and building mechanized auxiliaries, electrician service;
  5. certification of electricity calculation block;
  6. certification of electrical installation;
  7. Presenting of electrical installation to energy supervision department;
  8. exploitation admittance acquirement;
  9. technical maintenance of the building.

electrical measuring:

  1. Report №1 of visual inspection;
  2. Report №2 of earthing elements examination;
  3. Report №3 of examination of wires, cables isolation and electrical machines’ winding;
  4. Report №4 of examination of zero-phase circuit parameters with protective device characteristics and protective conductors continuity;
  5. Report №5 of examination of automatic circuit breaker with voltage 1000W;
  6. Report №6 of examination of automatic circuit breaker controlled by differential current (protective cutout device);
  7. Defects report.

Low-power works:

  1. SCS installation works;
  2. Telephone installation works;
  3. video surveillance installation works;
  4. fire-burglar alarm;

All necessary licenses are recieved.

Electric equipment supply:

“Vektor” purchase department will supply to you all electric equipment (electrical unit, automatic current breaker, protective cutout device)from the leading manufactirers ABB, Legrand, Schneider Electric and wiring accessories (outlets and switches) Gira, Kopp, Simon, Prodax, Eljo, Elso, Bush-Jaeger, Аnam Legrand, Btichino, Merten, Вerker, Unica, Valena, Zamel.

All electric equipment and wiring accessories are certified.

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