Special Building Engenering company

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Волгаспецстрой - реконструкция и капитальный ремонт Building - the assembly group of companies "
Special Building Engineering Ltd. "
carries out all complex is repair - building, installation works. One of the basic directions of activity the companies is capital construction industrial and public buildings.
Системы пожаротушения , электролаборатория The construction company of "
Special Building Engineering Ltd.
" has in the active of the high quality certified experts, industrial shop of manufacturing of metalworks, laboratory of repair of blocks of the process equipment. Own material resources-warehouse. A special equipment and the equipment for performance of works of any complexity
Технологическе линии Presence of solid industrial base, transport, gears, systems of warehouses allows to compete successfully to the similar building organizations at the price of, to terms and quality of carried out works.
The warehouse equipment

Warehousing equipment

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Special Building Engineering Ltd. - The warehouse equipment

DockHan produces the following trans-shipping equipment:

  • leveling platforms (dock-levelers) of several types;
  • aperture sealer (dock-shelters) of several types;
  • trans-shipping tambours;
  • folding bridges;
  • ramps;
  • overhead gates;
  • rapid gates, coat gates for warehouses. DockHan equipment helps to minimize time needed to transmit cargo from truck to warehouse and vice-versa. At the same time the effectiveness of trans-shipping jobs increases several times. Special attention is drawn to staff and goods safety. All DockHan equipment is absolutely safe. It helps to protect not only goods from damaging, but staff from injuries as well. Notwithstanding all listed advantages, the price for DockHan trans-shipping equipment produced in Russia is considerably lower then for the same equipment produced in Europe.
  • DoorHan Industrial doors

    Overhead doors are easy-to-use, safe and robust construction, suitable for industrial doors. When designing industrial overhead doors, experts took into consideration all requirements such as enhanced operational duration, big size of doors’ leaves, wind and snow resistance, safe security system and usability.

    Garage overhead doors can be used for all premises with any kind of aperture: rectangular, with bevel shoulders or with arches. Construction of DoorHan overhead doors conforms both to European standards EN12453 and EN12604, and to State Standard 31174—2003 «Metal doors», valid since the 1st of March, 2004.

    Turn-over doors of standard type. DoorHan turn-over doors is a unique construction. They are easy-to-use and workable, qualitative and inexpensive. Their construction is easy both in mounting and use; they were designed considering Russian specific weather conditions.

    DoorHan movable doors have no analogs in the world: it was designed special for Russia. They are made of aluminum shape and sandwich-panels.

    Swinging gate’s construction is easy: two leaves which can be opened both in and out. When designing DoorHan engineers used innovative technology of door-construction. Swinging gates DoorHan are modular construction which allows experimenting with the shape.

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