Special Building Engenering company

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Волгаспецстрой - реконструкция и капитальный ремонт Building - the assembly group of companies "
Special Building Engineering Ltd. "
carries out all complex is repair - building, installation works. One of the basic directions of activity the companies is capital construction industrial and public buildings.
Системы пожаротушения , электролаборатория The construction company of "
Special Building Engineering Ltd.
" has in the active of the high quality certified experts, industrial shop of manufacturing of metalworks, laboratory of repair of blocks of the process equipment. Own material resources-warehouse. A special equipment and the equipment for performance of works of any complexity
Технологическе линии Presence of solid industrial base, transport, gears, systems of warehouses allows to compete successfully to the similar building organizations at the price of, to terms and quality of carried out works.
Fire-prevention protection

Assembling of fire fighting warning and protection systems

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Special Building Engineering Ltd. - Fire extinguishing automatic
  • Auto-installing systems of fire and fire burglar warning.
  • Auto-installing systems of fire-fighting (water, gas, powder, aerosol, foam, etc.)
  • Our company can design, assemble, start-up, put into commission with the help of representatives of Governmental Fire Fighting Service Administration and further after-sales service of fire burglar warning systems, people notification about fire and evacuation arrangement, fire automatics. We work within territory of Togliatti, Samara region, other regions within Russian Federation.

    Fire fighting warning: all types of rooms are protected, except stair flights, wet areas (bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets). Fire fighting warning systems serve to manage engineer systems of buildings in case of fire. For private houses and flats independent warning system is recommended using announcers: ДИП-43, ДИП-50, ИП 212-69/3. In the systems of fire fighting warning protective announcers (sensors) may work, in this case system is considered as fire fighting and burglar warning system.

    when making fire fighting and burglar warning system, Russian and foreign equipment is used: Болид, ИВС-Сигналспецавтоматика, ТД Рубеж, Honeywell, Securiton, System Sensor, Texecom, ADEMCO, Inter-M, Philips and others. Approximate works` cost (assembling, start-up of fire warning system considering equipment, materials used and release expenses): from 3 USD/Euro per 1 square meter of the area. For bigger units – we have special offer.

    Fire burglar system has subtypes - protective, alarming, ribbon: any rooms are protected upon Buyer`s wish. Selection and correct assembling of fire alarm system define its reliability and effectively of usage. Russian and foreign equipment is used for keeping one or more protective lines. Standard equipment is magnetic-contact announcers on doors and windows, infra-red announcer of motion. It is also possible to control destruction of glass structures, walls and covering. To protect perimeters radial systems, infra-red sensors, radio-wave and capacitive installations are used. Approximate works` cost (assembling, start-up of fire warning system considering equipment and materials used): from 5 USD/Euro per 1 square meter of the area.

    Announcing systems and evacuation control of people in case of fire are designed and assembled by our specialists for all 5 types, defined by НПБ 104-03. Equipment of fire announcing systems different types are used: light-sound announcing, speech announcing, combined types, also elements of evacuation control - indicator "Exit", direction indices, etc. Usage of a wide spectrum of equipment helps to make systems of announcing of any kind and of high reliability. Approximate works` cost (assembling, start-up of fire warning system considering equipment and materials used): from 2 USD/Euro per 1 square meter of the area.

    We accomplish works of servicing and fixed-schedule maintenance of security systems, assembled by our company. We can accomplish servicing of fire, protective, fire burglar warning, announcing at fire, assembled by other specialists. We offer a full range of servicing and current repairs per price list 2661 001-92, using one of the lowest rates of the current price level. We can provide entire documentation of the unit including servicing; we can train personnel, consult upon fire safety measures.

    All works are accomplished turnkey.

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