Special Building Engenering company

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Технологические линии Start of technological lines and the equipment, and also installation and commissioning of machine tools with numerical program management, a supply of energy carriers and manufacturing of the bases under technological lines - all this Special Building Engineering Ltd! Пожаротушение We also make and we deliver systems of a fire extinguishing, we organize reliable work of installations of a fire extinguishing, an intruder alarm, systems of the notification and also we spend works on fire materials, products and designs. Электролаборатория Own electrolaboratory allows to spend trials of grounding devices, an electric equipment, power cable lines, secondary circuits and an electrical wiring a pressure up to 1 KV.


Special Building Engineering Ltd. - building and reconstruction building and reconstruction

Building company Special Building Engineering Ltd.

Special Building Engineering Ltd.  is an independent company more than 15 years. When the company was established, it hired specialists from SpecServise , that had rich building and reconstruction experience on the largest enterprises in the Volga region.
The activities of construction company "Special Building Engineering Ltd. " is performed on the basis of:
- Evidence of admission to the works that have an impact on the safety of capital construction. Registration record : SRO-C-027-12082011 from 10.05.2011 year. Roster number entries in the registry of the Partnership SHS 00 169, which allows complex operations on the territory of Russia:
Construction of buildings and structures I-II level of responsibility,
Installation of steel structures and special structures interdisciplinary management,
Installation of process equipment and commissioning
Installation of external networks and internal engineering systems.
Construction of residential and industrial buildings, commercial office buildings.
Industrial floors.
Coast stabilization and reconstruction of hydraulic structures.
Warehouses, storage facilities.
Heating, plumbing and sewage systems.
Electrical work, Electrical Laboratory.
Installation of process equipment.
Production and installation of ventilation and ventoborudovaniya blanks.
Production of metal processing lines, metal, plasma cutting, metal from 0.5 to 10 mm.

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Projecting with Special Building Engineering Ltd.

At present, mission of improving quality of planning, architecture and construction design, reduction in value of buildings and units, as well as dwellings, reduction of investment into one unit of activated power.

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Modern systems of fire fighting protection

Systems of fire protection are used for disclosing seat of fire, informing about specific place of fire, announcing of fire in building, people, defining control signal for systems of automatic fire fighting.

Systems of burglar alarm are used for modern announcing of security about fire penetration or attempt of it into building or its rooms, with fixation of fact, place, time.

Technical means of fire protection warning are: fire protection announcers, fire protection receipt-control devices and desks, fire signal-start devices, fire management devices and special power supply.

receipt-control devices are used for supply of protection and fire announcers per circuit of protection fire warning systems, receipt of alarm announcements, forming of alarm announcers "Fire", "Alarm", "Failure", as well as transmission to interlocking observation, forming of fire fighting signals, etc.

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Industrial engineering and general contract

Industrial engineering and general contract

Industrial engineering is on the stage of instant growth – old buildings being reconstructed, new buildings being erected, warehouse and exhibit halls being built. Industrial building construction need speeding up in Russian conditions – the quicker building is put into commission, the sooner profit will be made. Due to this units of industrial engineering are being erected using modern time-saving technologies – with the help of modular construction. In this case companies of industrial engineering erect buildings out of ready construction units which save time and money.

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