Special Building Engenering company

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Волгаспецстрой - реконструкция и капитальный ремонт Building - the assembly group of companies "
Special Building Engineering Ltd. "
carries out all complex is repair - building, installation works. One of the basic directions of activity the companies is capital construction industrial and public buildings.
Системы пожаротушения , электролаборатория The construction company of "
Special Building Engineering Ltd.
" has in the active of the high quality certified experts, industrial shop of manufacturing of metalworks, laboratory of repair of blocks of the process equipment. Own material resources-warehouse. A special equipment and the equipment for performance of works of any complexity
Технологическе линии Presence of solid industrial base, transport, gears, systems of warehouses allows to compete successfully to the similar building organizations at the price of, to terms and quality of carried out works.
Special Building Engineering Ltd. - a fire extinguishing, technological lines, insta Heating, water supply, sewerage,ventilation Heating, water supply, sewerage,ventilation

Heating, water supply, sewerage,ventilation

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Heating system is a group of connected construction elements used to produce and transfer heat in buildings.
Our engineers will suggest you the best and safe scheme of heating for optimal price.

Special Building Engineering Ltd.  company suggests all types of heating service:
    • projecting of heating system and boiler room;
    • assembly of heating system, boiler equipment of Russian and foreign manufactures(VIESSMANN, VAILLANT, BUDERUS, PROTHERM, ROCA, GRUNDFOS, WILO);
    • supply of materials and equipment suitable for the building design;
    • heating appliance installation (radiators, convectors): GLOBAL, KERMI, SIRA;
    • installation of floor heating system – heat-insulated floor;
    • start, set up and service;
    • pipeline sheathing;
    • technical advice.

technical advice is a complex engineering construction that defines accomplishment of the building.

Special Building Engineering Ltd.  suggests all types of service for cold and hot water supply:
    • projecting of water supply system (engineering of water-supply pipeline network, hydraulic calculation);
    • installation of water supply system in all kinds of buildings(cottages, offices, shopping centers and so on);
    • sanitary ware installation (washstand, shower cabin, whirlpool bath, closet basin);
    • pumping facility installation;
    • installation of water supply station;
    • water heating and boiler installation;
    • input assembly;
    • water-measuring installation.

We also can suggest installation of sprinkle firefighting system. Using of modern materials and qualitative installation is the guarantee of safe work of water supply systems.

Main elements of water supply system:

    • water supply source (reservoir, well, header pipe);
    • water transmission system (pumps, pump automatic control system, accumulator tank, pipes);
    • sanitaryware(mixer taps, shower cabins and so on).

Outlet system (water carriage) is used to remove dirt from buildings that appears during sanitation and industrial activities.

«VolgaSpecStroy» has a rich experience in projecting and mounting of sewerage systems: faecal and storm sewage. We fulfill the following kinds of works:

    • projecting of sewerage system (faecal, storm sewage and water drainage);
    • works on assembly of outer and inner sewerage networks;
    • assembly of forcing sewerage system;
    • works on assembly of drainage system;
    • assembling and installation of cleaner;
    • guarantee maintenance.

Our engineers will give you technical assistance, will choose optimal materials and equipment according to your demands

Ventilation and conditioning systems is used to fresh, clean and filter air in the buildings.

  • projecting of ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • assembly of ventilation;
  • installation of air-conditioners;
  • maintenance of ventilation systems;
  • supply of ventilation, conditioning equipment and expendable materials from the leading world manufacturers.


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